Dressmaking and Alterations by Tricia Dye

My alteration service includes

*  Shorten jeans, trousers, jacket sleeves, dresses etc

*  Take in or let out garments

*  Shorten and alter bodices of bridal and evening wear 

*  Change necklines, sleeves etc

*  Change zipped backs to corset backs

*  Customise and restyle garments

                                   and many more...............


Prices of alterations will vary depending on styles and fabrics but I have listed below some of my basic prices.  If you would like a more detailed list please contact me and I will be happy to send you my full Price List.

Day Wear 

Shorten trousers and jeans                         £11   

Take in centre back seam of trousers         £16

Shorten jacket sleeves                                £18

Shorten dress/skirt (unlined)                        £10

Shorten dress/skirt (lined)                            £16

Bridal and Evening Wear

Shorten long dress(unlined)                           £25

Alter bodice                                                    £30 

Alter boned bodice                                         £45

Alter corset bodice                                         £75

Shorten bridal gown front only                       £50 

Shorten bridal gown front and taper to train   £80